CeNTI, the Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, is a private, non-profit research institute placed in Portugal, with multi-sectoral orientation and equipped with cutting-edge technology. CeNTI provides, in a business-to-business approach, applied R&D, engineering and scaling-up production of innovative functional & smart materials and systems.

As a research and technology transfer centre, CeNTI presents, in its portfolio of innovation and R&D activities, several projects that demonstrate its commitment and mission to support and promote the industrial and business technological infrastructures, with the aim of developing new products with high added value and/or incorporate new technologies into traditional products and markets.
The mission and activity of CeNTI has been highlighted by the dynamism and close support to the industrial sectors, both national and international, through the development and validation of new technologies based on new materials, new coatings, new interactive technologies and lighting systems and new sensor systems, in multi-sector and multi-technology areas, with focus on supporting the fields: "Automotive & Aeronautics", "Construction, Architecture & Smart Buildings" and "Health, Protection & Well-being".
CeNTI’s team:
Mariana Ornelas Cardoso
Lorena Coelho
Marcelo Oliveira
Veronica Bouça
Website: www.centi.pt