CECs and AMR bacteria pre-concentration by ultra-nano filtration and Abatement by ThermoCatalytic Nano-powders implementing circular economy solution


NEW EVENT: PhD day and Workshop - Turin, 22-23 May 2024

A short survey

Main goal

The project will deliver an energy efficient new integrated prototype system for water purification, composed of:

  • the first-to-be realised ultra-stable silicon carbide (SiC) UltraFiltration/ NanoFiltration (UF/NF) membrane for pre-concentration of the CECs contaminated water,
  • an innovative nano-enabled thermocatalytic energy efficient packed-bed reactor (TPBR) for the generation of OH radicals able to abate CECs and residues of AMR bacteria via an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)
  • a nano-enabled antimicrobial MicroFiltration (MF) membrane.


NanoTheC-Aba proposes a solution that combines pre-concentration, antifouling, high filtration efficiency, CECs abatement, operation safety, simplicity, robustness with respect to the Reverse Osmosis system complexity, cost effectiveness and no consumption or waste of natural resources.

Project partners

  • UNITO - Torino University, Chemistry Department (Italy, coordinator)
  • CNR-ISMN - National Research Council - Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials (Italy)
  • AAU - Aalborg University (Denmark)
  • B4C - Ceramics (Denmark)
  • CeNTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (Portugal)


  • Bar Ilan University (Israel)

Associated Partners

  • MICAMO srl (Italy)
  • Fonte Nuova srl (Italy)
  • Società Agricola San Biagio (Italy)
  • Aquanex (Spain)

Consultant for project management

  • Project-HUB (Italy)