Established in September 2000 and operational since 2002, the Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials originated from the merging of five research centres with many years of experience in the field of Advanced Materials. 

The ISMN is one of the 104 institutes of the National Research Council and has achieved important scientific results and has consolidated relationship with both the National and International Research community as well as the industrial world. ISMN is a CNR research institute international
ly renowned for its multidisciplinary activities in the field of nanostructured materials and enabling processes and technologies. The institute aims at generating state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of Chemical Manufacturing and Science and Technology of Materials, and at exploiting the research results through the relationship with the industrial and business world. In a stimulating and dynamic environment, thanks to the presence of many young researchers and PhDs from various countries of the world, ISMN has a prestigious scientific track record and regularly performs industrial research programs focus on specific applications. The research team of the project works at the Palermo division of CNR-ISMN and has long-lasting experience in chemical synthesis, characterization and testing of nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts for energy and environmental applications.
Francesca Deganello, Researcher
Maria Luisa Testa, Researcher
Valeria La Parola, Researcher
Leonarda Francesca Liotta, Research Director
Giuseppe Pantaleo, Technologist
Gabriele Gallì, Technician